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Cool Links

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Cool Links - here are some links to sites that we think are really cool!


  Dropbox  - create an account and download to your computers to share files.  Invite friends and family and share files with them (pictures, audio, etc.).


   Big Huge Labs - this is a great site with lots of ideas for 'published' products / linking technology with learning outcomes!


  Glogster - this is a site where you can create you own posters.  You must first set up an account.  Basic accounts are free.


   Spelling City  - you can set up an account and have your students spelling lists ready to go!  They can practice and do a variety of activities to help them study.


    Timetoast - create timelines with your students.  Use to retell story events, history / social studies applications!


   Cool Text - graphics generator.  Use neat buttons on your web site, etc.


  Text 2 Mind Map - this site allows you to create webs / mind maps on line!

  Bubbl.us - this is another 'brainstorming' creation site.

  Cog Dog Roo - this is a page with 50 tools you could use to integrate technology into the classroom!


  Florida Reading Assoc. - Reading Websites


  Print Bingo cards


  Handwriting / Print worksheet maker





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